Last night was

Last night was a sack 'o fun. It was Kouri's night, of course, but the regular group of just me and Polk tripled in the last week, and included Captain Kerr, some guy named Brian who I had never met but had cool hair, Dana, and Cross Eyed Josh. After din din, I rode in a fancy BMW to watch Noodle's band play. After most of the group had left, I met my fan club. I wish someone had been around to see these guys worshipping me, my television appearance, and my NES PC.

Then Dana and I headed to Richards where we met Jenny, Dayv, a girl whose name is pronouced "Twee" but I won't even try to use the real spelling, Alan, Adam, and a couple others. I came home way too late and worked way too long today and I'm piss ass tired like a mother.

Tonight is the welcome home party for a Marine friend of mine who just got back from Iraq after a 6 month or so stay. It'll be good to see everyone again, even if I pass out from the tiredness of it all.

4 days until I'm a celebrity.

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