Last night was

Last night was supposed to be dinner out with the boys. Unfortunately, some people got sick and others, like Fabish, just decided they didn't want to go. I ended up going to Hooters with Mullens and Angie. It was the first time we'd been out together since everything went down.

It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be as I waited for them to come pick me up. I was really dreading it. But it was almost a pleasant dinner, complete with them lying to me about their plans afterward, just like old times.

I came home and watched part of that telethon, but I got bored pretty quickly and started watching the first half of American Pie 2. I got a call to switch to the telethon so I could see Eddie Vedder singing "Long Road" with Neil Young. Amazing. I also saw Wyclef singing "Redemption Song" in true Bob Marly fashion. I'd love to hang out with Wyclef someday. He seems like a cool guy, although not nearly as cool as Eddie.

When Alan got home, we ordered a pizza and drank a few beers. I also ended up buying a keg for his little brother, and running into Angie's roommates yet again at the store where we bought it from. Strange how that works sometimes... you don't see someone for so long, then you run into them 2 nights in a row. The same thing happened with Dave. I hadn't seen him since high school graduation and more than 3 years later, I run into him randomly 3 times in 3 weeks. Weird.


Tonight I have no plans. I may or may not do some work depending on what else is going on. If I'm feeling really pathetic, I may go hang out at my sisters.

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