Last night was NOT buffalo wing night.

While I was at work yesterday, we got somewhere near 6,000 inches of snow, so the roads were awful on my way home. I couldn't take the interstate because a semi had flipped over and was blocking it, so I had to take this backass way. The roads hadn't been plowed yet, and since I never go this route I didn't even really know where the roads were. It took me a little more than an hour to get home. The drive is about 12 miles.

So, I get home and have 3 messages on my answering machine. I just know that one of them is wondering about the plans for buffalo wings, but alas, none was. I got an invitation to go to Famous Dave's from one of my good friends that I rarely see these days, so I eagerly accepted.

Dinner was good, but expensive. About $18. The only thing that comforts me is knowing that my other friends can't really afford to have an $18 dinner, but they did it anyway. There goes that financial responsibility thing, right?

I get back to my apartment and about 10 minutes later I get a call from a friend. He had thrown his truck in a ditch and needed a ride back to the truck and wait for the tow truck. That was a lot of "truck"s for a sentence, no? Anyhoo, I took him. I almost died in the process. By this point there was 14,000 inches of snow on the ground and I had to go down this hill. I went down the whole thing sideways before finally stopping like 5 inches from his truck. The tow guys got there and took about 2 hours getting his truck out as me and him sat and watched. It was kind of cold too. He had popped a tire and messed up the underside of it, so there was no way he could drive it home. The tow guys left and I drove back up that stupid hill that had almost killed me.

We get back to his place before he figures out that he had given the tow guys ALL his keys, not just the truck key. So, he couldn't get into his apartment. We had to go through the 22,000 inches of snow to his back porch and I had to lift his dumbass up to climb in a window.

That was my night. I hope you've enjoyed it.

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