Last night was Wednesday.

Which means that it was $3/lb. wing night at Garner's. I went with Fabish and KJ. We both ordered a pound of wings and a soda. Their "pound" of wings was about twice the size of my "pound". How do you think that works? Ah, but I digress.

After the wings, I went straight home, and started painting, which I've been promising myself I would do for quite a while now. Angie called and interrupted briefly, with a story about how she rear ended a school bus. This story struck me as very, very funny, but she wasn't as amused. She hit the bus going maybe 5 mph, but I guess there's a lot of hoopla involved when a school bus gets in an accident. She said there were tons of cop cars and ambulances there in a matter of minutes. Luckily no one got hurt, but her car was stuck under the bus. It messed up her hood more than anything.

I took a brief break from painting to watch Temptation Island. This will be like another Big Brother, I can feel it coming. A show I'm not particularly entertained by or care about, but I will watch every single week. I will also never admit this fact to my friends, because they made fun of me enough for Big Brother.

My painting was incredibly productive. Alan came home at about 11 and I wondered why he was home so early. I turn my clocks around when I paint so I can't see the time. I thought it was about 9:30. Time goes very fast when you're doing something like that. Since 11 is way past my bedtime, I packed up my paints and went to sleep.

This morning I'm terribly tired.

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