Last night was

Last night was both $3/lb. night at Garners and Steph's last night in town. We ate at Garner's, since it was a special occasion. It was Fabish, KJ, me, Mullens, Tim C., Molly, Steph, and Angie. We ate a lot.

I didn't do much after that. I talked to my dad about selling the Camaro. We keep getting emails about it, asking questions about my "Camero". I tell my dad to respond "If you can't spell Camaro, you're not buying mine" but he thought that would be rude. I don't really care.

I talked to Jill/Julie a little bit, and the select few of you on my friends list can see what was said. I'm sure it made me look even more pathetic. I don't care about that either.

I finished watching Predator and went to sleep. It was an exciting night. Tonight I'm eating dinner with my family again. Yee haw.

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