last night

Last night marked the 6th night in a row I had a visitor fall asleep on my couch.

I got home, called my "messy" friend, and we went to dinner. I dropped him off after dinner since he works 3rd shift and wanted a nap before work. I went home, made a phone call or 2, and in a matter of minutes I was headed over to another friend's house to pick her up.

She was in the middle of Friends, so I was forced to sit there and watch the end of it. That was okay with me, since the only empty seat was next to that girl I'm "infatuated" with. After Friends, we went to buy me a fake Christmas tree and ornaments. On the way I told her how much I hated it when one friend in particular sprinted for my phone, fell asleep on my couch, took over my remote, etc. etc. etc.

So, we get back to my place and I start setting up my fake tree. The other obnoxious friend, the one I had been complaining about, showed up. First he started making fun of my tree, saying it looked stupid and fake. Then he ate my food, then he was generally obnoxious. I had my TV tuned into one of those music channels... ya know, the commercial free ones that you get with any extra cable plan. Well, I guess this wasn't to his liking, so he grabbed my remote and I yelled at him, telling him that I was listening to it. Then he fell asleep on my couch. Meanwhile my other friend was apologizing and promising me they would get out of my hair ASAP.

They left, and I went to sleep. I was dead to the world the second my head hit the pillow, which is odd for me. I also didn't wake up during the night, and I woke up to my alarm rather than by myself. Those things never happen.

I was still dead ass tired this morning. In the shower I found myself just standing there, not moving or doing anything for like minutes at a time.

That was my night. Obnoxious Man has informed me that he won't be able to do anything this weekend. Damn. I was really disappointed when I heard.

And by disappointed, I mean happy.

My next post will be #3 on "Why Tim isn't as Pathetic as Everyone Thinks"

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