last night's events

I know, I broke tradition and skipped what I did last night. I know you're all dying to know, so here goes.

I "hung out" with the guy from DIS. He seemed very interested, but just didn't have 1. enough animators to undertake the big projects he had planned and 2. didn't have enough money to hire them all. I'm keeping in touch with him though, since there's not a lot of character animation work in Peoria, and I'm very eager to do some.

We talked for like an hour and 45 minutes. Then I picked up some stuff from my house, took it to my apartment, we watched a movie and ate some hot wings and drank some beer. It was mostly a guy's night... me, 2 other guys who go by only their last name, Fabish and Mullens, and GayJay, whose real name is Irby. He prefers GayJay, since even GayJay is a better name than Irby. Angie stopped by later, but we don't hesitate to be generally disgusting around her. I think she likes it, actually.

I spent a while writing out my expenses and comparing it to what I make. I'll be all right once I make it past the first 2 months. I just have a lot of expenses right now... activating my phone and installing my cable, not to mention my couches and things. My air hockey table will have to wait. I've never been in a position where I couldn't pay off my entire credit card bill with one check before, but those days are coming to a close.

Fabish was the guy with all those girl problems that it took strippers to cure. Well, apparently she just broke up with her boyfriend, and he left my place early to go over to her place. I can't believe it. He took a poll with who was there. The poll was what he should say to her when he got over there. Here's the results:

Fabish should tell her to:
Shut the hell up (2 votes)
Go to hell (1 vote)
Suck my fucking cock, bitch (1 vote).

I bet her caved and was just the understanding sissy boy that girl turns him into. I used to be that boy. Poor guy.

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