Lately it's been

Lately it's been like 5 degrees here in central Illinois. I usually go jogging at night, but it's gotten too cold. I switched to mornings, but even that got too cold for me. So, I broke down and bought an elliptical machine today. I'm broke as shit, but I really want to keep exercising and losing weight, so it was something I had to do. Plus it's only going to cost me $10/month, and I got a really good deal on a really nice one because it was missing some parts and was bent up in a few places.

I've also decided that, in addition to not trimming the beard, I will not drink beer between 210-200 lbs. You heard right. But, I've also decided that I'm not going to even bother weighing myself until I'm confident I'm at 205 or so. It's cheating the system, but since I created the system, I've decided it's okay.

My cartoon is going SO SLOW. I'm probably 2 minutes into it now. I've given up the dream of having it 100% done by the November 10th deadline, but I do hope to have it finished without sound effects or music. We'll see.

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