Legally Blonde

Good weekend for yours truly. On Friday I got home a little late due to some overtime here at worky-work, and I had a message from Steph. I called her right back, and we ended up going out to eat at Lou's Drive In, and then wasted a good few hours deciding on what to do with the rest of our night. Finally we decided on mini-golfing, although we wanted to go with more people, so we called people we knew, and were greeted with mostly answering machines, but every once in a while we got a hold of someone who didn't want to golf with us. So, we just sat on my front porch and drank beer until Fabish got home, and as it turned out, he and his girlfriend wanted to golf with us. So, we all went golfing, then we went to the driving range where I made a fool out of myself. I could hit the ball really far, but I was also really inconsistent. Ah well.

After our golf experience, Fabish went to Amy's, Steph went home, and me and Alan watched TV until I fell asleep. Exciting stuff. Saturday I spent a lot of the day running network cable from my room into Alan and Fabish's, so they could share my fast connection. I bought some of the wrong supplies at Best Buy, so I'll need to return them, but unfortunately they were already closed when I stopped by yesterday. But other than a wrong router, the network is ready to go.

Saturday night, me, Steph, Alan, and Brice all went to visit Angie at Jubilee Cafe East (don't get me started on that nonsense), where Mullens and Andy were already waiting. Mullens left to go to sleep, and everyone else headed off to Steamboat Days. Steamboat Days absolutely sucks. It's horrible every year. It's too crowded, dirty, and smelly, and everyone is rude and no one knows how to walk. The food is too expensive and the rides suck. But we go every year, because it's something to do I guess. We rode the ferris wheel, got some Lemon Shake ups, and left.

Angie and Andy left our group, and the rest of us went back to my place, where Fabish had just gotten off work. We drank some beer, and somewhere around midnight, Alan decided to dye his hair. He's got really short hair, and he mixed a big bottle of the dye, so after deciding he was going to use about 5% of what he had mixed, he asked if I wanted to dye my hair too. With a few beers in me, it seemed like a really good idea, so I did. I guess my hair is too dark to go right to blonde, and it usually takes a few applications. Unfortunately, the first application made my head burn after about half an hour, so I opted to not get another one. That makes my hair more of a strawberry blonde than a real one. It also changes color from red to white depending on the light. It's pretty cool.

So, Sunday, Father's Day. I had to get up early and head out to Wildlife Prarie Park, where we wandered around, looked at some animals, then got some food. I figured Father's Day would be spent the same way every Father's Day is in my family... me and my dad were going to wash and wax our cars, check air pressure in the tires, change the oil.. ya know, guy stuff. So imagine my surprise when they told me they were headed off to Bloomington after lunch for a flea market. I spent most of the day by myself at my parent's doing 5 loads of laundry and cleaning out my Jeep. I also dropped it off at the mechanics and had them check the leaky tire (broken valve stem for those of you concerned), and by the time my parents got back, I was packing up to go.

So, after that, Brice and I did some shopping we had to do, then watched Simpsons, ate some pizza, and of course watched the new episode of Jackass.

And that was my weekend. Good and busy.

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