Life-long dream

I fulfilled one of my life-long dreams this weekend: I was involved with (and acted in) a horror movie.

I've been a horror fan since a kid, when my mom was out of town and my dad rented Return of the Living Dead. I was hooked on horror movies, and have never stopped watching and enjoying them. In college I did a couple horror related movie projects, most notably "Dead Bodies Everywhere", a trailer for a movie that never actually existed. In doing various video projects, I got bit by the "movie" bug, and dreamed of making movies. Not dreams of Hollywood mind you, it was more a dream of just finishing a movie, showing it to close friends, and maybe getting some mail from people across the country who saw and enjoyed it. Not a huge goal, but one I was never able to accomplish.

Wolford and I wrote a couple scripts and started recording a couple projects, but relying on friends and family who weren't really all that interested in our projects was a mistake. We couldn't reliably get anyone to show up consistently or take it as seriously as we did.

So finally we gave up, took a couple years off from even trying, and finally just decided to put the camera on a tripod, point it at ourselves, and do our own thing.

It's taken off in ways I never imagined, and eventually our low-production, off-the-cuff internet show got us on the set of a low-budget horror flick... the kind I always wanted to make but never got the time, motivation, actors, etc. It was great to just be there on set, watching it all happen and doing our own video project at the same time. Peripherally, I hit one of my big goals this weekend, and it's only going to get better from here.

I hoped to be seen in the movie for a second or 2, maybe say 1 line, and move on. Just to say "Look! I was in a horror movie!" Unfortunately, this movie had the same casting problems Wolfie and I ran into, so some people who were supposed to show up never did, and I was stuck with a speaking/acting role, where I did some beating up, got beat up myself, hit on drunk girls, and other fun stuff.

But anyway, I guess Wolfie and I have taken the bull by the horns, as it was, and bullied our way into someone else's project. But whatever... however we need to get this thing done, we're gonna get it done.

My dream of co-writing and co-directing my own low/no-budget flick is alive and well now, possibly even more than it was before. Right now the focus is on our little internet show, but soon, we'll have a movie. There's not a doubt in my mind anymore.

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