The Life

The other blog I write for, FreelanceFolder, posted a short message on their Facebook Group asking to describe the life of a freelancer in 1 word. The list they got is impressive and, I think, describes my career and my life perfectly.

exceptional, unpredictable, exciting, flexible, Freedom, Diversity, Fun, Independence, Success, master, Strong, Crazy, Exciting, Freeing, Autonomy, Fascinating, Fulfilling, challenging, Affirming, Refreshing, Comfortable!, Rewarding, Possibility, unpredictable, Smart, Inspiring, Liberating, coffee, underappreciated, noncommuting, Chaotic, overwhelmed, perfect, Wonderful, thebestthingieverdid, Nonconformist, Worthwhile, Blessing!, Simple, Sailor, great!

Yup, that says it about perfectly I think.