Livejournal - Year 2

Yep. Today is my 2nd LJ anniversary. What an exciting time, eh?

So, let's see. Where was I a year ago compared to where I am now... well... about the same I guess. Compared to last year, this year has been really, really uneventful. The best thing to happen this year was Jaimee moving to Peoria. Also, my nephew was born this year. And I got a job at an art gallery. And those are about the most eventful things.

I moved. I got this new boring apartment way far north in Peoria. It's proof that I'm turning into an old, old man. No more keggers or parties or any of that for me. I'm 23 now and looking for whatever it is I'm going to be doing for the rest of my life. And that's weird.

A year ago I was self employed, living with Alan and Fabish, and I loved it. I had work to do most of the time, but I would blow it off to watch TV with them, especially when a Junkyard Wars marathon happened to be on. These days when I'm not at the gallery, I don't really do much at all because I can't find any work to do. So that makes me miserable and makes me feel like a loser. All that is about to change, though, I can feel it in my bones. Next year I'll be updating this thing as a 24 year old millionaire, wondering how I got through more than a year of absolutely no money.

Yeah, last year was a pretty big year. This year... not so much. I wish I could bore you all to death and fill pages and pages with an update, but I can't, really. This is about it.

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