Long time, no post

Hey, readers. It's been a while. I'd apologize for my poor posting skills, but on the other hand I don't feel bad about my absence. I'm torn.

Things have been good on my end. Since returning from Vegas, my schedule has been pretty packed with all sorts of fun stuff, including but not limited to a birthday celebration with Angie's family, bartending at a benefit dinner, installing 11 new windows in my house, finishing up and launching my company's website, the regular Friday night dinner with the gang, a cookout at Mullens', a cookout at my sister's, and working on my home-brew DVR. It's odd that when I don't update this thing every once in a while, I tend to forget everything and all the events in my life blur together. I should try harder to remember stuff.

Anyway, yeah, I installed new replacement windows throughout my house. The job wasn't as bad or long as I expected, and the house looks roughly 2,000 times better inside and out. The expected prices of heat this winter are scary, and I figure the windows will help out just a bit. My old ones were 70 years old, shook when the wind blew, had panes broken or cracked, and provided only the slightest bit of protection from the elements. My new ones are better.

I'm really looking forward to eating wings with my dawg Polk tomorrow night.

Oh, and for the nerds in the crowd reading this via LJ instead of my personal site, you may want to head to my personal site in a few minutes to see my updated GBPVR project status.

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