Look at me

Look at me, breaking tradition for the 2nd time in my LJ history and posting on a weekend. Wow.

First of all, the auction on my Camaro ended at a measly $5,100. I told you LJers out there to bid, but oh no... couldn't do that, could we? Cammy is worth so much more then $5,100. You people don't deserve her anyway.

So anyway, Friday night I went out to dinner with Fabish and KJ. Afterwards we rented a couple of stupid guy movies (Road Trip and Me, Myself, and Irene), and watched them while drinking beer. It was pretty fun. We were trying to keep Fabish in good spirits, since he's been down and out for a while. We just laughed and talked and goofed around in the same way we've done since we were 12. Me and Fabish really don't have a lot in common but when we get together, something just clicks. I guess growing up together since he was born made us really tight, no matter how different we are. It was good to joke around with him again, since I hadn't done it in a while.

Saturday me and Alan had some people over. I guess you could call it a party, but it was pretty weak. It was mostly Alan's party, but a few of my friends stopped by too. Mullens stopped by pretty late in the night, and he was the drunkest man on earth when he got there. Then he drank 5 more beers in about 10 minutes. The highlight of the night was when Mullens put on his leather coat, flipped up the collar, and went around the room doing the Fonzie "eeehhhhh" to everyone. Good stuff.

As you all know, Jill/Julie told me she was interested in hanging out with me this weekend. That was good as far as I was concerned. It had been a few months now, and I wouldn't say I was missing her, but I definitely wouldn't mind seeing her again. I let her know I wouldn't go out of my way to see her, since she's made it pretty evident that she doesn't want me too. Still, though, if she made the effort, I would go along with it.

Well, she called me on Saturday night right as the party was starting, and made a whole bunch of excuses as to why she wouldn't show up that night. I know this shouldn't surprise me, and it doesn't. I know this shouldn't upset me, but it does. I went so far out of my way for this girl on so many different occassions, and now it's like I'm not even treated like a person by her anymore. Why I wasted years of my life investing in a relationship with her, I will never know.

For all you people out there wondering, no one shoved their tongue down my throat at my party. No one slept in my bed, but a girl did sleep in the spare bed in my room. That was the extent of my action on Saturday.

Oh, and Mullens licked my face, dry humped me, grabbed my crotch, and stroked my hair. But he doesn't count.

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