A lot less busy

For the last couple months, I've had something scheduled every single night of the week. Between bowling, dodgeball, teaching, running, Kouri's, Horror Junk, and whatever else popped up, I had absolutely no free time to spare.

Well I'm (temporarily) done teaching, bowling and dodgeball are over, and now I'm left with only sporadic running groups to deal with during my week. Which rules.

Of course, it comes at a time when I need to get my house ready to sell and my new house ready to move in, so I still don't really have any free time. Any time I'm not at work, I'm cleaning, organizing, filing, faxing, mailing, calling, and getting stuff ready for the big move. My goal  is to move out of my house with less stuff than I moved into my house with, and from the state of my house at the moment that shouldn't be too hard to accomplish. I'm tossing and selling a whole lot of stuff, which feels great. I'll move into my new place with a new, simpler approach to my living space. I can't wait.

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