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Loyal readers of my LJ will know that I've been trying for months now to get this big CD-ROM job for the LA County School district about mosquitos. After going through several annoying requirements and several shipping charges and everything else, I was told that the project would be delayed. I was sort of halfway told that I would have been awarded the job if it hadn't been delayed, but because of the delay they were going to look at other resumes and references and anything else, and anything could happen that would prevent me from getting the job.

Anyway, we've worked our way through the delays and I was awarded the job. Go me. Originally it was going to be finished by January, but now they're aiming for July, which give me plenty of time to finish it up.

Last night I went out to Crusen's with Fabish and KJ, and we met up with JL and some other guys there. By some weird stroke of un-luck, Angie and Mullens were there. I also ran into Mr. Claywell, who told me to start calling him Randy. He was the computer teacher in high school, and I knew him because I helped set up the network at my high school, and I also helped build some computers for the lab. He's a really nice guy who really like me and Brandon Wickwire, so we helped him out with a bunch of projects he did for the school. I hadn't seen him since I graduated, and he seemed amazed at what I've been doing for the last 3.5 years. It was weird to drink with him and talk to him in a bar setting after only knowing him in a Catholic high school setting until that point.

After Crusen's we went to Jimmy's, which sucked. We were there about 5 minutes before going home. A few minutes later, Steph and Molly stopped by and we caught up a bit and made some dinner plans for this evening.

And now I'm working, trying to get some of this stuff wrapped up. I hate work. I can't wait until this website I'm planning gets off the ground and I'll have some consistent income without having to work too hard for it. I've already sent a guy a pretty hefty check, so the site is a-go. I'm hoping to launch it by February... wish me luck on that one.

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