Lucy Madeline

Hey kids! First things first, the big announcement: my sister delivered her 3rd child and 1st daughter yesterday. Welcome to the world, Lucy Madeline. She was born perfectly healthy at 7 lbs., 10 oz., born on 7/10. Unfortunately I was at home sleeping at the time of her birth, so I won't be able to see her until she's like 20 hours old. Still, I'm excited to have a little niece running around.

A few months ago, I decided to put my money where my mouth is when it comes to my constant fear/complaining about the state of the world when it comes to huge SUVs and disregard for gasoline prices and likely gasoline shortages in the near future. I bought a bicycle. I've refrained from talking about it too much, partially for fear of appearing too preachy about my "look how I'm making a statement and saving the environment" attitude and partially because I'm worried people will call me on the fact that when I do drive, I'm driving an SUV that gets 18 mpg on a good day.

Anyway, so I've been riding my bicycle religiously since it's purchase. My bike rides are mostly restricted to going to and from work a couple times a week, a leisurely ride on the weekend, and when I head over to Angie's house. But I'm pretty dedicated to trying to get even more use out of it before it gets too chilly to stop using it. I actually really love riding it, and it really helps me feel better. Not just physically, although that's part of it. But I really feel like I'm doing something good for the world. I'm making a statement that we need to find alternate ways of doing things, and driving my admittadly wasteful car to work every day isn't good for anyone. This is better. Plus it's a good start to the day and actually very relaxing. I definitely recommend it.

Anyway, I forgot where I was going with that.

I got the categories working again on this here site and did some work on unifying the comment-leaving experience. This weekend should present me with plenty of free time work get the RSS feed working and the comments solidified. Then.... DONE.

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