Mac Guy now.

Since diving head-first into my G5 PowerMac at work nearly 2 years ago, I fell in love with OSX and the style of Macs. Unfortunately, they were too expensive to justify the cost. The other problem with Macs is that, once you're interested in them, you're always waiting for "the next big thing". I didn't want to drop a wad on a G4 PowerBook knowing a G5 was on the way. I didn't want a G4 Mini since it was already outdated the second it was ready for sale. I kept waiting and waiting, and every time a new product came out, I'd wait for the next one.

Well, today they announced the Intel Mac Mini. I figured I had waited long enough, and I made the jump into home-Mac experience. I went all out and bought the super-fast Core Duo version with DVD drive, hoping this will completely replace my PC. It'll get here within a day or 2, and I'm super-excited for it. I'll be sure to let you know all my thoughts on the matter when it arrives. I've never played with Front Row before, but I'm excited to try it, as well as dive into the whole iLife experience.

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