MacBook Air

Apple's announcement came and went. A few cool things went down, like iTunes rentals (in HD!) and an AppleTV update. But unfortunately I won't be getting anything new from Apple this month.

The MacBook Air they introduced is simply amazing in its size. It's so light and thin, and really just incredible. But at $1,800, it offers no real difference from my upgraded MacBook. I can see how it'd be great for traveling business men, but for now there's just not a big enough advantage to make the leap. But I have considered throwing an iMac into the mix for  my home computing needs.

But enough of that Apple talk.

I'm used to being a busy guy, with a full-time job and always some sort of project going on. Whether it be a home improvement deal, or an art project, or building a computer inside of a case where no computer should ever be... I'm always doing something. But I'm not at all used to this busy schedule where I don't have even 2 seconds to sit and relax in the course of an average day.

But, the good news is that in a couple weeks I'll have an excuse to clear at least an hour of time into my busy schedule to relax: I gotta watch my Lost.

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