Macintosh Mockery

Apple, why do you do this to me? You tempt me with your products, and I succumb to your marketing tricks faster than a fat man who sat down too fast (to quote the great Eminem). First, the Intel MacBook Pro. God only knows how I managed to keep my credit card in my wallet when that was introduced. And now all the secrets behind this February 28th event. I'm almost certain it'll be an Intel Mini, and I'm almost certain I'll have no choice but to snap it right up, against my best judgement.

I resisted the MacBook Pro. I could resist a dedicated Video iPod since I already have the slightly different iPod (with Video). I could probably even resist a new Intel iBook. But I can't resist the Mini. Why, Apple, WHY?!

Not to jinx it, but its been nearly 24 hours of spam-free comments since my last round of changes. Have I beat them?