Man Christmas at

Man, Christmas at my grandpa's was something else... my mom's side of the family is pretty poor, so I didn't expect to get any gifts at all, really. In the end, I got a sweatshirt (plain blue with some holes in it), a lottery ticket, a card with another $20 check I'll never cash, and a picture frame that I just remembered I left at my grandpa's. Oh well.

The lottery ticket actually ended up winning me some cash... the initial ticket got me a free ticket, and the free ticket got me $15. Not too shabby. I was tempted to get another 15 cards, but opted for the cash instead. That means I've never lost one of those scratch off lotto ticket things.

And now I'm home. Fabish and Alan are both out of town now, so I called up Steph and she's coming over to watch a movie.

I also bought myself an I-Cybie. That thing kicks ass.

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