Me and Brice

Me and Brice went out to dinner last night. I got a lot done in setting up my network, but it's not fully functional yet. I talked on the phone. I talked to Fabish. That was my night.

So, since this entry is so lame, I have decided to post some recent, unfinished artwork. Now, it's usually a rule of mine to not let people see a piece until it's fully finished, but these are different. They're more personal pieces, so they won't mean anything to you when they mean a lot to me. There's also some figure drawings which will never be finished, so no harm in showing you those. I've kind of lost motivation on the 3 personal pieces... I'm not in the same frame of mind I was when I started them, which makes it incredibly hard to finish them. But now I'm rambling. Here's the drawings.

the amazing faceless woman - Here's a drawing I did in one of my recent figure drawing classes. I didn't have time to get to drawing the face though...
melissa, the girl with no eyes - Here's Melissa, the girl I always draw in that figure drawing class. I didn't have time to draw her eyes in. But you get the idea.
screaming guy and another guy - Here's one of the aforementioned more personal pieces. I started it while I was really pissed off, which I think is pretty obvious.
the barb painting - Anyone who has asked knows the story behind this, and I don't feel like typing it out. It's a painting I've been working on for a long time. I also put my finger in front of the lense when I took this. Deal with it.
what the hell is that? - Some people see a face, a rock, a mouse, a ghost... whatever. It was drawn while I was really confused.
melissa, the girl with one toe - Melissa again, but I didn't have as much time to draw her this time. Amazingly enough, I got to her eyes this time. It's a shame I didn't get to her toes.

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