Mest, Reel Big Fish, and Goldfinger

So, I saw the big show last night, and it was awesome.

Saturday was a fun day all around. My sister was having an open house, so friends and family were invited over. I spent most of the day talking to Robert's friends from college, who I sort of knew and hung out with back in the day. Then it was time for the concert.

The concert was great. Mest was much better than I expected them to be. I'm not a reel big fan of Reel Big Fish, but they certainly put on a great show. And Goldfinger... man, I don't even need to mention how awesome they are.

It was a bunch of cool bands who just goofed off and interacted with the audience a lot. I love shows like that, where the bands aren't afraid to talk to the crowd. Some highlights were the Mest impression of bin Laden, the guys in bikinis singing "I'm a Survivor", the rock, paper, scissors match, the butthole licking, the guy flashing the stage, and all the people who made it past security and got on stage with the band, and had no idea what to do with themselves once they get up. It was a really fun show. I'm downloading a bunch of Mest songs right now... if I like them, I'm going to have to track down some of their CDs.

After the show, Brian Kelly invited me over to his place. He and some buddies of his from Chicago were in town. I stopped by at around 12:30, and they were just finishing up Army of Darkness. John Zarr later stopped by. It's always good to catch up with those guys. We sat around and talked for a while, then went to Steak 'n Shake for a late night snack and called it a night at around 3:30. It was a really fun time all around and I had a good time. I was pleased that Zarr had gotten a job better than the movie theater, although he still worked there occassionally for extra cash. I need to call that guy sometime. I hate the drifting off between friends that has been pretty frequent lately.

I have $125 to my name, and bills due in 5 days. I had a great week this week, but tons of bills to pay. More money should be on it's way, and I'll really need it pretty soon now.

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