miserable days

Well Friday was pretty miserable. My tire blew out on my way to work, in the pouring rain. I got out to change it, only to find that the previous owner (who had gotten after market rims installed on the car) didn't bother to leave me the adapter to get the wheels off. My dad came to the rescue, and after a long hard search, we found a way to get the wheel off and got a new tire installed, but I was wet, dirty, and tired after the ordeal.

In other news, I've spent the last few months in hyper-productivity mode, constantly packing, unpacking, organizing, cleaning, moving, etc. Lately, though, I've really just sort of shut down. I've been much better at working out, but other than that I've really been squeezing in a whole heckuvalotta lazy time in there. I'm giving myself about another week of laziness, then I've gotta get back into the productivity thing, and maybe even see some of my friends again for the first time since my big move. I kinda miss 'em.

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