Monday morning. Tired

Monday morning. Tired, so tired.

My weekend, from the top. Friday night after work I headed back to my parent's house. I was going to jack my car up, fix whatever was wrong with the power steering, then just go home. After jacking it up and climbing under, I saw a ton of snow built up around everything that I need to help me steer. I figured this was my problem, so using hot water and a heat gun I got rid of all the snow, then climbed in and tried the steering. No improvement. I rechecked everything I had checked the night before, but this time found that the power steering fluid was dirty and smelled really bad. I had burnt out my pump, probably from trying to turn with all that snow built up everywhere. Ah well, live and learn. So, my car is in the shop, getting a brand new power steering pump put on. My dad drove me back to my place, then left me without a car for the rest of the weekend.

I made a few phone calls, but couldn't really make any plans. One friend's truck is still in the shop from his mishap a few days ago, and my girl friend was scared to drive with the roads in the condition they were in. So, at 10:30 I gave up and fell asleep on my couch.

Saturday I was still stranded without a car. I was having a party that night and needed to go pick up food and beverages, but I couldn't really get away to do that. Plus, my good friend was coming back from Colorado, so I was on the phone trying to see where she was, and if she would even make it back with Peoria's "blizzard like" conditions. Finally she made it back, and we grabbed some food and stuff for my party and headed back to my place.

The party was... uh... good. I guess. I knew not a lot of people were going to show up. Jill/Julie promised she would, but then called me later in the day with a speech about the "weather" and how it would completely hinder her arrival. Bullshit. It was a little bit cold out, but the girl had to drive like 5 miles. Tops.

Ah, but I digress. Not a lot people showed, maybe 15 at the most. It was fun though, and they drank a lot of beer. A lot. There were only 3 people there I didn't know, and they were all really cool. None of them tried to kick my ass, which is always a plus when it comes to parties.

On Sunday, me, Fabish (my best friend of 21 years), Steph (the girl just back from Colorado), and Angie (the girl scared to drive in bad conditions) went Christmas shopping. It was a disgrace, really. I bought a present for my dad, but no one else.

I'm having some of my drawings framed for my sister, brother in law, and mom, but all my drawings are in the back of my car, and my car is in the shop. I couldn't very well buy presents for my friends while shopping with my friends, so I walked away from our outing with a power drill and nothing else.

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