Monster Guy Illustration

Yeah, I'm a terrible blogger. It's weird, because I used to be so into blogging and pretending like what I had to say was important, and now that I'm out of the habit I'm WAY out of the habit. Such is life. Once I get rolling on posting the trivial things I do every day, watch out. This blog will be full of fun stories like what I ate for lunch and what kind of junk mail I happened to get that day. But hey, it'll be interesting for someone out there, right? Right?

Anyway, just to get the ball rolling and post something, I'm attaching a illustration I did of a weird hairy monster guy. When I decided to go freelance all those months ago, I did it in part to find more time to illustrate and draw and get back to my creative roots. To my disappointment (sort of), the web design game has kept me crazy busy and I still haven't found the time to draw as much as I should.

So enjoy this monster illustration, and I promise to try to post more. Call it a New Year's Resolution.

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