More good news, and more ways for me to be famous even if this Screen Savers thing doesn't work out.

Have I mentioned how much I love it when people call me about doing jobs?

During the appraisal this morning, I get a phone call from a friend of the lady whose class I did a presentation for. What a weird sentence. Anyway, this lady calls looking for local artists to be hooked up with local companies for a project in Peoria. It's sort of like Chicago's cows, or Peoria's pigs, but slightly different. Basically these companies will donate to have a chair built and painted for them by an artist like yours truly. These chairs will be displayed throughout the city, then auctioned off for some charity. The person behind the whole deal: Doug, from Trading Spaces.

Basically she just wanted to put my name on a list of artists who can be contacted about the project. It should be a fun gig, and I'm really looking forward to it.

I've done everything with the house that needs to be done at this point, so it's just waiting for financing, then signing a few more papers, and I'll be in come May 1st. I haven't talked to the current owner about when she plans to leave, but according to my dad, she's really anxious to get out of there. And I'm even more anxious to get in.

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