More than meets the eye!

So I totally geeked out last night for the live action Transformers movie. I've been a huge, huge fan of Transformers since I was just a kid. I had all the toys, including Ultra Magnus which made all my friends so insanely jealous. Unicron was about the only Transformers toy I didn't have, and at the time I would have done just about anything to get my hands on him. I remember watching the original movie in the theaters, crying when Optimus died and passed on The Matrix to the rest of the Transformers, saying it would light their darkest hour.

The movie was great, but I think it could have been improved pretty significantly with 2 minor additions. 1: Optimus needs his face plate! I mean, c'mon! 2: Mention Energon cubes! Just 1 little phrase about Energon cubes. That's it.

Oh, and Devastator was unremarkable, which was disappointing but whatever.

Anyway, I save my movie reviews for Horror Junk these days, so I won't say any more about it other than it was pretty much the greatest movie ever made about cars and airplanes that transform into alien robots.

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