More things comin'

More things comin' up Wasson.

So I called my phone company because the previous lady I talked to told me to call this week and see if I could get the date my DSL is activated pushed up a bit. Well, it turns out they never filed the order to transfer the DSL from my old place to my new one. Sucks, right? Oh wait, no it doesn't. Instead of the transfer order, she put in an order for a new DSL line. Which means no transfer fee (that would have cost $50), a credit on my equiptment ($100), and cheaper service for the year because it's a new contract ($6/month). So I came out way ahead. And the date which the DSL is installed doesn't change because they messed up and put in a rush order.

Then, then, THEN I go to Sears to return my busted elliptical machine, and I get a $20 credit because it's cheaper now than when I bought it. If I knew moving would save me so much dough, I woulda done it a long time ago.

Today my mommy is coming over to clean my house.

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