More weirdness.

I helped my aunt with her computer last night. It wasn't too interesting or exciting, but she gave me $30, which is a lot of money. I'm still kind of careful with my money, but I'm getting very close to not being in debt. I just need to stop buying toys for a while. That's harder than it sounds, though.

So, I got home last night and was talking to Missy, who apologized for not being around for the last 4 months, saying how bad she felt, and how she would have liked me to be there for her, and vise versa. She also recognized that it was her own fault that things were the way they were, and she felt bad about it. Barb sent me an email today saying kind of the same thing. Neither of these girls is typically the one who apologizes... in fact, they're typically the ones who think they're never wrong. How odd.

I told them there was no need to apologize, and we'll just go from where we are now without regretting how things have been in the past or fearful of how they might be in the future. I think that's a good outlook, so I'm sticking with it.

I'm more content and happy with everything in my life than I have been since.. well... for a long time, at least.

I woke up late this morning because my alarm clock didn't go off. I don't know why. I'll have to do some investigating when I get home. My lunch break will be spent washing my Jeep, since it looks like we're having a few nice, rainless days ahead.

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