The most eventful

The most eventful thing to happen to me in the last few days has been trimming my facial hair. It's an exciting time.

So, Mullens has basically secured me a job at Verizon. It's a gay position, really. There's a store about 3 blocks from where I live that no one ever goes to. That's where people start out and when they learn the ropes, they always transfer out to some other store to get more commission. So, the store needs people, and I'm certainly people. Basically I'll work by myself, watch Dish Network, and help the 3 customers per week that come in. Commission will be non-existant, but it's something ridiculous like $9.50/hour to basically sit there and watch TV, which is remarkably similar to my career now. Just a different location. Combined with what junkmachine pulls down per month combined with the tripower CDs I sell for my dad combined with the incredibly random mural job, I'll be doing pretty okay financially, just without any free time.

Plus, I have a new idea, similar to the NES PC which will hopefully get me back on national television, get me millions more hits, get my traffic up, up, and away, and make me more than what junkmachine already makes. Between all the affiliates and part sales, the occassional controller adapters I make, and donations, that site gets like $110/month. Not too shabby, really. Go junkmachine.

The project requires me having broken Nintendos, so I'm on a hunt for them if anyone reading this has any to give me. I went around town looking for them only to have 2, count 'em, 2 given to me just for asking nicely. They're the most fucked up Nintendos I've ever seen, but they'll work.

Oy. What an incredibly boring and rambly post.

A big shout out to my dawg who forwarded me that Marvel is actively searching for artists for the first time in forever. They have sample scripts for download, so I may go ahead and draw 'em out and see what happens. If you're gonna be rejected, ya might as well be rejected by the most popular comic book company on the face of the planet. Right? Right.

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