moving. still.

Well, I was setting everything up in my apartment yesterday. Just the little annoyances... plugging the phone in, setting up my speakers, that sort of thing. I'm still not getting a dial tone from all my outlets, but we're working on getting all the kinks out of the apartment.

One of the first phone calls I got was from Digital Imaging Studios, which is an animation company right outside Peoria. I was talking to the vice president, and he just wanted to "chat". Tonight we're "hanging out", and he's looking at my demo reel and portfolio, but this is not an interview. He really wanted to stress that. This is not an interview. We got my couches in, and everything in my apartment looks great now. It's almost done. I didn't sleep there as planned though. Maybe tonight. Everything's coming up Milhouse.

So, I left my apartment last night a little bit late, around 10:40 I think. I wanted to be in bed earlier than that, since I've been tired lately. No big deal though. So, I get home and I'm laying in my bed. I start thinking "Did I lock my back door?" I came to the conclusion that I didn't. I tried to rationalize this, thinking "Well, my back door just goes into my laundry room. No one will be doing laundry that late, so no one will go in there", then I tried "It's almost 11:30... the landlord will get there at 8 am, so it won't be unlocked for long." Well, long story short, I couldn't get to sleep and had to drive all the way back to my apartment and check on the door. It was, indeed, locked.

They're cleaning the whole apartment on Friday, which is good for me, I guess. I'll probably end up doing most of that on Thursday anyway, just for the hell of it. Tonight was supposed to be Garner's at my place, but plans may be changed, depending on how long I "hang out" with the guy from DI Studios.

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