Mr. Pibb

I was doing some cleaning in my basement yesterday when I ran across a wide assortment of Mr. Pibb memorabilia I used to collect back when it was the greatest soda on the planet. I was a Pibb man back when the can was shaped weird, like a #2 pencil. I was a fan through the "Put it in your Head" advertising campaign, and even made a Mr. Pibb commercial for my video class in college.

Mitch Hedberg does a joke about Mr. Pibb being an imitation Dr. Pepper. It's his only non-funny joke.

But I was shocked when I saw Pibb Extra filtering into the stores, replacing my precious Mr. Pibb. I remember driving all around town picking up whatever Pibb I could from the stores, stockpiling it for weeks after they officially cut off production.

I started an online petition to bring Mr. Pibb back, but alas, we've been stuck with the much nastier Pibb Extra for the last 6 or 7 years.

Anyway, this whole post was going to be a loveletter to the new Pepsi Jazz line, which is delicious but doesn't live up to my Pibb memories. Then I got sidetracked, and we ended up here. I hope you enjoyed the trip.

But I've decided that when I'm rich and famous, I'm going to start a new campaign to bring back the old Mr. Pibb, similar to how Conan O'Brien brought Dirty Dancing back into theaters. Mark my words, kids... we haven't seen the last of Mr. Pibb.

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