As much as

As much as I love snow and wish we had a huge snowstorm this year, I'm ever so happy to see it melting and be able to walk around without a coat on without feeling cold. Even though it's still February, Spring is in the air and I can smell it. Ah, Spring.

My last 2 days at work here at GP have been remarkably lame. No customers, no sales, and now, no phones. That's right, the phone systems are down, leaving me all by myself with no distractions at all. It's kind of nice, since Junkmachine needs updating and now I can do it.

The eBay auctions are going splendidly, and as per usual, I can't help myself from watching them every 15 or 20 seconds. I have more stuff to sell, too. Always more. I'm sort of liking the feeling of getting rid of the stuff I never use, putting money into my pocket, and getting rid of some of the boxes in the basement while I'm at it. Jaimee's habits are wearing off on me. Pretty soon I'll be organized and actually balance my checkbook in the proper fashion. That's probably not going to be for a while, though.

Tonight was supposed to be Hoops, but then I found out I work until 9. Hopefully everyone will still be up for it. It's been too long.

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