My birthday was

My birthday was good. I had to work, and was greeted by everyone at the gallery wishing me a happy birthday. That was nice. Then, Jaimee took me to dinner at Old Chicago, which was awesome. She also bought me Transformers DVDs. I had admired them every time I went to Circuit City, but always talked myself out of buying them because I'm so poor. But now I have them, and I've been watching them all day. It makes me feel young again.

Barb sent me a birthday email. That was odd. Fabish sent one too. That was nice.

My birthday dinner with the fam isn't until tomorrow night. Last I heard, they still haven't bought me a present. I told them I didn't want one since they help me so much through the year anyway. If they insist, I'll probably ask for an elliptical machine, however you spell it.

I'm also halfway anticipating going out tonight with Angie and a few others I haven't seen for a while. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

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