My crappy weekend.

I knew this weekend was going to suck. I could feel it coming.

We had made plans with Fuller to go to a Rivermen game on Friday. We were all going to meet over at Angie's and take 1 car down to the game. It would be me, Mullens, Angie, Fuller, Laura, and Fuller's new girlfriend. Well, we get to Angie's at 6:30 and wait around for Fuller. By 6:45 I was pretty sure Fuller wasn't going to show up. I mean, it was Fuller. He has a habit of never following through on anything he says he's going to do. The game started at 7:00, and by 7:30 me, Angie, and Mullens just decided to go to the game without him.

So, we get to the game and who do we find but Fuller. He said he stopped by Angie's house but didn't see her car and just kept going, despite seeing my car and Mullens' car. This made very little sense to any of us, but I guess it doesn't matter. This was the first time I had met Fuller's girlfriend, and she seemed very nice, but looked very young. That's because, as I found out later, she was 17. And in high school. Fuller is 21, and a college drop out. What a match.

After the game we went to a bar and we Protestants ate hot wings and the Catholics ate some nasty cheese pizza. I beat Fuller in Hydro Thunder a few times, and when Fabish showed up, we just sat around and talked. Fabish was going to a party that most of us weren't interested in going to, so we all went our separate ways. Angie just took me home.

I met up with Alan, who was on his way out the door to go to Denny's to meet Erica and a few of her friends. I tagged along because I wasn't tired. This was probably a bad move, and one I'll never repeat. I hate Erica's friends with a passion. They're all very weird. Not that I'm completely normal or anything, but I just don't like her friends. And that's that.

On Saturday I had a few thousand errands to run, but unfortunately I had no car to run them with, since I had left my car at Angie's the night before. I started walking over to Angie's, when, by some weird stroke of luck, I saw Mullens drive by. I ran up to his Jeep and hitched a ride to Angie's. It turns out they were going out to eat, so I tagged along. After I got home, I killed a few hours watching TV and doing random things around the apartment. Then Erica started calling and asking about our party that night. I REALLY didn't want to have a party. I just wanted to watch one of my new movies and order a pizza or something. I told her I might not be there for the party, but she guilted me into it. All of my friends already had plans, so again, it would just be me and Erica's friends. Can I tell you how much this party sucked?

Now, here's something that annoys me to death. Alan invites these people over, which is fine, and they proceed to say "Wow Alan, you have a REALLY great place!" Now, as far as I'm concerned, it's my place. They could tell Alan he had a nice room, but as far as the place goes... it's mine. All the decorations, furniture, dishes, silverware, chairs, stools, TV and stereo equipment. That's all mine. But technically, he pays half the rent, so it's "our" place. But here's what I really don't like. We were listening to some shitty dance music that someone else brought over. It was one of those really loud, thumpy albums that I hate. Anyway, during one of the songs this guy says "Alan, your stereo is awesome!" Now, since Alan didn't purchase, and can barely operate, MY stereo, I would expect him to say "Thanks, but actually it's my roommate's." But no, he says "Yeah, thanks." He then proceeds to tell them about my speakers as if they're his. They're not. The apartment is half his, the stereo is all mine. He tried to demo a DVD for this guy and couldn't figure it out, so I had to do it for him. Then I chimed in, making sure to mention many times how I owned everything in the room. I think it kind of embarrassed Alan, but I also don't care.

So anyway. I went to bed really late, and on Sunday I watched Get Carter, then saw Hannibal with Brice. Then I went home, watched The Simpsons, Jackass, and other lame MTV shows until it was time to go to bed.

And that was my weekend.

And now it's Monday. Send me mail. I'm eager to waste time.

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