My day so far.

  1. Called. I have insurance now.
  2. Called. They're really dumb. I had to go run in yet another copy of my Jeep receipt.
  3. Confirmed. Thursday nights, from 7-9 I will be drawing naked people.
  4. Forgot my checkbook at home.
  5. Can't pay bills, because
  6. I forgot my checkbook at home.

I do feel better though. I also need to pay my phone bill. Then I'll be all set until February 20th, when all the bills start up again.

My cost of living... roughly $1,400/month. Oh, the good old days, when my parents bought me everything I needed, and all I had to buy was toys. Now my toys need to be fit in, while still saving enough for what I need. That's no fun. No fun at all.

I also need a new computer. You can send me donations if you want.

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