My dream.

Here's a weird dream for your reading pleasure.

I was with Fabish at Fabish's parent's house. Everything was very real, which is unlike my dreams. The house was actually Fabish's house, and his parents were really his parents. The only difference was that in his back yard, there was a huge cliff.

So, we're in Fabish's back yard, grilling burgers and making small talk with Mr. and Mrs. Fabish, Kristen, and some guy I've never seen before.

We needed more food to finish our cookout, so me and Fabish kept cooking, as they went into a trailer to get the rest of the food. Me and Fabish thought it would be really funny to lock them in there. We ran up and locked them in. Afterwards, we stood back to laugh and noticed the trailer was shrinking. The people on the inside started freaking out and the trailer was rocking back and forth. We ran to open the door, but the trailer started sliding off the cliff.

Me and Fabish ran after it, trying to stop it. It kept being stopped by trees and rocks, but as we got closer it slid more and more down the cliff.

Finally it stopped, and me and Fabish we going to stand back and figure out how to handle the situation. As we stood there thinking about how to get the trailer off the cliff, Fabish remembered the burgers. We had left them, unattended, on the grill.

We sprinted back to the top of the cliff and were taking the burgers off the grill and saw Mr. and Mrs. Fabish, Kristen, and the other guy standing there. They said they were trying to teach us a lesson, but we didn't understand it. So, me and Fabish just left.

Someone needs to interpret this for me.

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