In my eagerness

In my eagerness to brag about my potential future employment, I forgot to recap the weekend.

Friday I went to Kouri's, as per usual, and spent too much money. Afterwards I met Jamie Wahl at Jukebox where I was let in for free because I used to work with the door man at Kinko's. It was a good show, but I prefer shows where they humiliate audience members.

Saturday I got a wedding/job interview hair cut where the lady made fun of me for not cutting my hair for 4 months. I told her my last hair cut was when I shaved it, and she looked shocked and horrified. She went through 3 pairs of scissors and 2 trimmers before the cut was over. Then it was on to Jaysa's wedding reception, where I realized I probably drink too much. 4 Captain and Cokes and 3 beers later, I was still feeling incredibly sober. Damn alcoholism, always ruining my good times. A lot of people told me I looked like a different person because I've lost 200 pounds. I love it when people mention my weight loss. It's awesome.

I slept with Jaimee, Gina, and Jen where we made fun of each other's feet and told poo stories (my favorite kind of stories). We all ate at Panera Bread, then Jaimee and I went back to P-town. We ate at Steak 'n Shake and watched a movie and fell asleep really early. She left early this morning, leaving us not a lot of time for a proper goodbye.

Anyway, that was my weekend. Goals this week: Finish my fish, clean my office, and get a god damn job.

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