My first day of real work.

Yeah, I did some freelancing stuff yesterday, I guess. Only an hour or 2 (and yet earned $100, almost as much as I made per day at Iona), doing mindless stuff.

I slept in today, and sent out a lot of job requests to various people on the internet. I have one guy interested in me doing an animation for a TV pilot, as well as an animated opening sequence. I'm doing it for basically nothing, but it will be yet another credit for me on If the pilot gets picked up, I mean.

Today I'm going to look for more jobs on the internet, clean my room, and make a big list of places to visit tomorrow with my updated business cards and resume. On Thursday I have an early meetings. I'll have to get up ass crack early, and that will suck, but you gotta do what you gotta do, I guess.

This really is a big adjustment. Wow.

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