My nights keep

My nights keep getting more and more boring.

Here's something interesting though. Since I will soon be freelance, I've been checking up on a few sites pretty much every day to see what kind of work I'll be able to find. I ran across one ad that was asking for contributors to a 'labor of love', that is, no one who works on it will be paid immediately. Ah, but that's no big deal, since it offered me a chance to be really creative and original, and work as long or as short as I wanted on it. There were no deadlines, since it's hard to impose them when you're not paying anyone. So far I've painted 2 backgrounds for an animated film 'Carnage', for Evil Clown Animation, which took maybe 3 hours a piece. They're very pleased so far and may give me actual animation to work on. That would be nice... They also promise that if this movie does wonderful things for the company, the people who worked on it will be reimbursed, either financially or by offering them a full time job or something. But at the very very least, if this movie ever gets any kind of release, that means I'll have a movie credit. An entry in the IMDB. Amazing. Plus then I can claim some sort of professional experience in the entertainment industry, which will probably do good things for me someday.

But the point of this story is that I spent last night finishing up another background for them. I didn't do much else. I watched the Joey Lawrence E! True Hollywood Story for some inexplainable reason.

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