My weekend got

My weekend got off to a crappy start with the tickets and the warnings and the busted air conditioner and all. I spent my free afternoon hanging out in the police department to get my ticket taken care of, then spent some time hanging out in my bedroom with the window unit AC running. I cheered up a bit by dinner time, where I headed to the Penguin Tap with Polk, Brandon, Kristi, and Jess. I left early to get some rest in before my big race on Saturday.

The race was a whole lot of fun. It was 6 miles of running, biking, and getting really ridiculously muddy and dirty. The end of the race was a huge mud pit on a hill that you had to crawl up while getting pelted with mud from other runners. It was a good time.

Angie's dad came over that afternoon to see if my air problems were something that could be easily fixed. Long story short, they're not. I'm going to need a whole new unit and while I'm at it, I may as well get a new furnace. Since those 2 expenses would require a loan, I may as well borrow more and get new windows. Ah, the joys of homeownership.

Sunday I just ran a ton of errands, hung out at Angie's where she has AC, and saw Wedding Crashers a little later.

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