In my weekend

In my weekend recap this morning, I'm going to skip Friday night. Well, not really. I'm not good at keeping things to myself, so I'll post one of those neat protected posts I've grown to love. For now, let's just say I didn't get much sleep on Friday night.

On Saturday, I got home and jumped in the shower. Before long, Alan knocked on my door, telling me the guy buying my Camaro was already at my parents, so I needed to hurry if I wanted to wish her goodbye. I jumped out and ran to my parent's house as quickly as I could.

The guy actually had the balls to try to negotiate price with me. I basically just told him there was no way I'd even move a penny on this deal. He bought it, of course, and got a really good deal on it. Here's how he started the haggling... "Well, it (he said 'it'. Cammy is a 'she') has a few more scratches and dents than I thought it did." This wasn't a good way to start haggling with me. All it did was get me angry. I think all my answers shocked him, especially "This is a really good deal at $5500. You're either buying it or not. I really don't care."

He drove it away, and watching her leave was really sad. I think I'm over it. She'd been in storage since October, so I wasn't as attached to her as I had been when I drove her every day.

After that, I went out to eat dinner with Angie, Mullens, and Alan at Monical's Pizza. Alan went home afterwards, and we went to see "What Women Want", which Angie had been begging us to see for months. Every time we actually got to the theater, there was something I wanted to see more, so we always skipped it. This time, me and Mullens really wanted to see "Snatch", but we made the sacrifice for Angie and watched a crappy girly movie.

I was almost falling asleep through the whole thing, on account of me not sleeping hardly at all on Friday. Angie kept jabbing me with her elbow to make sure I watched every crappy second of that movie.

The movie ended at almost 10, and I was very ready to call it a night. Angie and Mullens were planning on going to a few parties, but there was absolutely no way I could have done that. I went home and fell asleep, on my love seat in my game room because there was a party going on upstairs. When I do that, I usually wake up every hour or so, check to see if the party is done, then sleep where it's appropriate. That night I slept from 10 to 5:30 am without ever waking up. I never do that, but especially not on a crappy love seat.

Sunday I went out to eat with Angie and Mullens, then to the mall. They were going to "stop by" a Superbowl party to have "a drink", then come back to my place to watch the game. I wasn't really up for socializing and being friendly. I mostly just wanted to sleep, so I opted to skip this party too. Instead I watched "Plan 9 from Outer Space" which is a movie I picked up while at the mall. Great stuff.

Well, Mullens and Angie never came back. Instead, Brice came over and we watched Coyote Ugly, finally.

And that was my weekend. You lucky friends of mine can read all (maybe not all) about my Friday night. Enjoy.

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