Mysterious interview REVEALED! Sort of.

Okay, so I'm back from the mysterious mystery interview, and let me say that I still don't really have any idea what happened while I was there.

I got to the office where this interview was to be held and was amazed to see a room full of about 40 people there, all filling out applications. On the huge dry-erase board was a bit of information about this company, as well as the positions available. They had advertising, sales, service, and customer service positions available. The application was short and sweet, and the guy gave us all a bit of information about the company, although non of it was too specific. He asked us questions personally and focused in on me a bit for, I think, a few reasons.

He asked who had owned their own business. I raised my hand along with about 10 other people. He followed that question with "Who knows was DBA stands for?" I was the only one who could answer it correctly ("doing business as..." for those of you keeping track at home. I had to file all sorts of DBA applications to get my merchant account). Then he asked who had worked under profit sharing before, and I was the only one to raise my hand for both questions. He asked for details from me and others, before launching into a tyrade about how he's the most honest business man in the world.

So, he said this "interview" was for them, and the 2nd "interview would be for us. Out of about 200 applicants, they're going to call 20-30 of us back for a 2nd interview. If, after the 2nd interview, we want the job, it's ours. He also said that about 20% decide not to take the job after the 2nd interview, so we'll see.

As we left, he talked to all of us singularly. I handed him my application as well as my resume, which he promptly handed back saying he didn't need it. He looked over the application for a couple seconds, then asked for the resume back. He glanced over that and said "I look forward to seeing you at the 2nd interview. Call this number at exactly 5:05 for the details". He handed me a card with the name "Maria" and a phone number.

As I got into my car, I realized that I still haven't the foggiest idea about what this company is or what I'll be doing for them. I circled "advertising" on my application as the job I'd most like to have out of the ones listed on the board. There was also all sorts of posters in the "interview" room which listed company mottos and mantras. I read most of them, but it didn't help me figure anything out. I guess he'll go through that at the second interview, which I will find out if I have in about an hour.

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