Naked people.

Last night I drew naked people. Well, a naked person. Melissa, who I always draw.

I became more and more annoyed with my teacher and classmates last night. We were listening to some oldies station, which I don't mind. My parents listen to those stations, so I know and like most of the music they play on them. At one point they were talking about how crappy music these days was. I was trying not to say anything, but the conversation lasted long enough that I finally blurted out "Not all new music is bad. It depends on who you ask, I guess." After a very long pause, Melissa, who is naked and posing a few feet away added "Not all new music is good, but not all old music is either." Then we changed the subject. Stupid old people.

Earlier in the night they were having a discussion on how horrible the Grammies were. I almost chimed in with "Yeah, but wasn't Eminem's performance awesome?" I didn't say anything though.

I was having an off night, and not doing so hot. But, I'm drawing and getting back into the swing of things now, so I'm okay with a bad night or 2. There's only 2 classes left, so I'll have to motivate myself to draw after that.

Tonight will be a good night. This weekend will be a good weekend.

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