A new day.

It's a new day. A Monday. Around noon. If we pretend this wasn't a holiday, I would be at work right now. I would have been there for 3 hours. Instead I just woke up.

I want to apologize for the post I made yesterday. I was feeling pretty shitty and just posted nonsense for the sake of posting nonsense. It really meant nothing for the most part, although I guess there's some truth in all the nonsense I speak.

Well, today I start freelancing. I've got some things I need to take care of, and my day is pretty full tomorrow too.

That's about it on my end. I was going to recap the weekend but I don't see the point. I'd like to mention one thing I did though.

I went and saw "Jeepers Creepers". First of all, the name sucks, but it makes sense by the end of the movie. Second of all, I loved this movie with all my heart. If you don't want to read spoilers, don't read on.

It was very, very formulaic. Lately it's become trendy to define that formula and stick to it in the same movie, a la Scream. While I enjoyed Scream, I hated the rash of self parody horror movies that followed, and longed for the days of Jason and Freddy when horror was horror, rather than self referential bullshit.

Jeepers Creepers is about 2 kids driving through the country who get into trouble and have a psycho monster running after them trying to eat them for the rest of the movie. Not a brilliant plot mind you, but that wasn't the point.

There was 1 self-refential, self-parody line in the movie that I absolutely hated. Unfortunately it got a big laugh while all it did was make me sick.

In any case, the movie dealt with legends. The monster that was chasing them was thousands of years old, immortal, and did nothing but kill people.

The people I saw the movie with hated it. Despised it. Wanted to leave the theater in the middle. Going into it, they claimed to love horror movies, but they just didn't "get it".

They hated the "legend" of the monster. They said "old time horror movies don't have legends". Bull shit they don't. All the great horror movie monsters have legends. Jason drowned in the lake because of camp counselors who didn't do their job and has killed ever since. Freddy raped kids and got burned alive by their parents so he came back in their dreams to kill them. Mike Myers was a loony toons little kid who killed people and grew up to be a loony toons adult who killed people.

All these monsters were introduced to us in the first movie, and their legends were defined then. Jeepers Creepers followed this formula, and I loved it.

Now, to completely ruin the ending for you guys, in the last shot of the movie, we see the monster alive and kickin'. The people I was with hated that. "None of the classic horror movies lets the monster live". Bull shit they don't. They all do. Even though Jason wasn't technically the monster in Friday part 1, he was certainly in the movie and very much alive at the end. In every horror movie, they think they kill the monster but in one last glorious shot you realize they were wrong. In Nightmare, it was the car scene at the end. In Friday, it was Jason jumping out of the water. In Halloween, it was looking down and seeing that Michael's body had disappeared. The only difference was that in Jeepers Creepers they didn't even pretend to kill him off. He just sort of flew away.

The only thing that Jeepers Creepers needed to make it a kick ass, mid-eighties horror flick was sex (there was no sex in the movie, not even referrences to it), and a bigger group of kids who get picked off one by one.

In any case, the movie is for true believers in the Slasher genre. If you know more about the Scream series than you do about the Jason series, don't bother seeing this movie. If you want to see the first true slasher horror flick made in more than 15 years, this is the movie for you.

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