new toys

So, I sent the final mosquito CD away on Friday and have been anxiously awaiting the final check for more than 1 reason. 1. It eliminates the credit card debt that has been ruining my life for the last 6 months or so, and 2. it gives me a few hundred extra bucks to save for the slow months at my new place.

Well, the mosquito thing came back to me today. They love the final product but want 1 more change. The change is so ridiculously minor and unnoticeable. Basically they want something that's a dark red to be slightly brighter. It's a stupid change, really, since they had 3 revisions to catch it and have me change it, I don't feel an obligation to fix it for free. So I told her it would cost $200 for the change. The change only took like 15 seconds, but then I had to burn a new CD and ship it. Anyway, I expected them to say that the change wasn't worth the money and they'd just send me the check. To my surprise, they approved the $200 change. So, 10 minutes later, I've got that much extra in my pocket. I'm very pleased.

So, I went into Best Buy to look at getting a new DVD player since mine is on the fritz. The one I wanted had a $30 instant rebate, but was sold out. I asked for a rain check, but they told me I couldn't get one that included the rebate. I was a bit pissed, since they didn't give me a good reason for that at all. But whatever.

So I went back into the computer section, as is the standard now, to look for some merchandise. See, 6 months ago when I bought Windows XP, Best Buy was running a promotion where they gave you a free router, free MP3 player, free RAM, and a free CD when you purchased it. Well, they were all out of those things, so they gave me a rain check for them. Every time I went to Best Buy since I looked to see if they had the stuff in, and they never did. Sometimes they would have 1 or 2 things, but they said I had to redeem them all at once. Today, however, they had all 3, so I tried to redeem them. Basically they just flat out told me that the rain checks were unredeemable. When I told them that was false advertising, he sent me to the manager who was a fucking dick to me. I was even more pissed off. I've spent thousands of dollars at that store on DVDs alone. Nuts to you, Best Buy. Nuts to you. I'll get my DVD player from Circuit City.

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