The New Year

The New Year party turned out pretty well. It was just a laid back and uneventful night, which are always fun. I totally dominated in Texas Hold 'em, as per usual. Winning at everything makes my night way more fun. Of course, all this New Years talk is overshadowed by hitting the awesomest read out ever on my odometer. 088880.


Last years resolutions:

Finish my diet: Yeah, didn't do it. I started exercising with a bit more conviction, however, but I balance that out with a healthy dose of beer and hot wings.

Real Job: Done, baby! This was my most important resolution, so I'm glad I hit that one.

Pay off credit cards: Uh, no. But I'm getting close, and I should be out by March or April or some such thing.

Back on TV: Nope. And I've given up on that dream.

Side career to make extra money: Well, I sold junkmachine which made extra money, and I did portraits which made extra money. So those count, I guess. And other things are in the works.

Eat more veggies: I'm getting better, slowly but surely.

This year, my only resolution will be to get skinny again.

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