New Year's Resolutions.

I do this about every year, and this year is no different. 

Lose Weight. No shit, everyone has this goal. This year isn't spectacularly different from any of the other years I've tried and failed to lose weight, but I figure the battle has to be keeping my waistline in check a little bit, right? 

**Blog more. **This blog is severely neglected, and blogging about my everyday goings-on is a good way to keep my memory as good as possible... which is still bad, by the way. But every little bit helps.

Learn something. In my field, if you're not learning, you're failing. I'm making strides with node.js and want to pick up some Ruby on Rails skills this year as well. Gotta keep up.

Podcast. I've started and failed at more podcasts than I care to admit, but 2014 is my year. I'll start a podcast and do... let's say, 20 episodes of one this year. Nothing helps with resolutions more than arbitrary number assignments. 

**Side Projects. **I suppose blogging and podcasting could count here, but to be more specific about it, I want to get into a side project that is fun and that I learn from. I have no idea what that'll be as of now.

Other than that, life is pretty great. I have a great job, great family, and not a lot that needs improvement. 

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