A nice lazy

A nice, lazy weekend for this kid. Friday I worked on Optimus as the Dish guy came and installed my Dish system for me (by the by, DVR rocks my world and having locals again is cool), and did pretty much nothing that night.

Saturday was more work on Optimus and Alan's BBQ at night. It was good to see him again, since I don't see him nearly enough due to our different schedules and lives these days.

Sunday was more work on Optimus, then to my sister's house to see my cousin and a few little kids. In driving there, we almost got blown off the road by a tornado. Not really, but still. Lots of rain.

And yesterday was a little work on Optimus, but mostly just watching Cold Case Files and eating Chinese Buffet with Fabish.

Optimus is coming along really well and will be finished within a month if I can keep the pace up. I feel a lot better being productive in my workshop again doing something that will hopefully get me back on TV and such.

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